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The worship that God wants is this: caring for orphans or widows

who need help and keeping yourself free from the world's evil influence.

This is the kind of worship that God accepts as pure and good.

-James 1:27

Sharing Your Burden

Through our Resource Center we provide clothing to orphans, widows, foster kids, and families in need.

We knew

they came with


and needed everything.

We also knew we had to

be the ones to help.

Our Desire Is

To assist parents and children in maintaining family connections by participating in planned, predictable, supervised visitation in a neutral and accessible setting and to assist families in strengthening their relationships.

Combatting Hunger

Through the Food Pantry we help provide food to those families that need assistance

After reading James 27 times,

I felt as if  God was telling me to

be the change.

4122 W. 55th Pl.

Tulsa, OK 74107

PH:  918-895-8733