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Loads Of Love is a program that helps provide children removed from their homes the basic necessities and a few extra items in order to help them start gaining a sense of safety and hope in a very traumatic time for them.


Often when a child is removed from their home, they're only able to grab a few items in a trash bag. Many times they aren't even able to do that much and they simply come with what they are wearing. Clothes, favorite toys, books, even treasured keepsakes are left behind.....Sometimes forever.


Loads of Love fills in the gap by providing every child in custody with the basic necessities to get started in a new home. Each child is given a Loads of Love bag with a weeks worth of clothing, two sets of pajamas, socks and undies or diapers and wipes, shoes and a toiletry bag. They also receive a new toy, a new stuffed animal and a blanket so that they have something that belongs to just them. Loads Of Love is an 'On-call' program and volunteers are available to help deliver bags.


Loads Of Love is an amazing opportunity for us to show the love of Christ to those who are at a very vulnerable time in their lives; foster children and foster parents alike are greatly impacted.

Manna House is a transitional living home that equips, guides and supports young ladies during their journey to adulthood. Manna House provides a dorm-style living environment that provides stabilized housing in which the program focuses on developing life skills, educating, mentoring, and learning social skills.


Our 5 main goals at Manna House are to:


GOAL 1: Provide a long-term, residential, and safe environment for girls at risk of homelessness.


GOAL 2: Provide practical learning experiences for self- sufficiency.


GOAL 3: Provide educational opportunities for independent living.


GOAL 4: Promote whole person health and assist youth in obtaining essential resources.


GOAL 5: Teach young ladies career skills.


Manna House Target Population:

Young ladies ages 18-23 who have aged out of foster care or are experiencing homelessness.


The Resource Center at James Mission is where all of our donations are received, sorted and then given back out to those in need.


We provide children's clothing and food to orphans, widows, foster and families in need.


We have sizes from newborn to 18 years old, boys & girls, summer & winter clothing, & shoes. We unfortunately do not provide adult clothing at this time.

We're proud to be able to begin offering help through  partnership with the Food Pantry.


Pick-ups are by appointment only, so please make an appointment via the link below.  Remember to bring your photo ID and proof of residence to your appointment.

Our visitation center serves children placed in foster or kinship care with an existing plan of reunification or to sustain family connections until permanency is achieved. Located at our James Mission Tulsa location the new visitation center will assist parents and children in maintaining family connections by participating in planned, predictable, supervised visitation in a neutral and accessible setting and to assist families in strengthening their relationships.


Biological parents and relatives love their children and want to regain custody of their children. However, they often feel overwhelmed by policy and procedural requirements and can become discouraged. Visitation maintains motivation for reunification. Parents need to see their children frequently and physical contact not only promotes well-being, but also encourages permanency.


The James Mission Visitation Center provides enrichment activities that lead toward a discovery of their mission as parents, increases their understanding of their vocation as a parent, and taps hidden strengths to build a stronger family. A visitation center becomes the hub of many related services to families, that restore relationships, reduce future child abuse and neglect, maintain family connections, enhance the likelihood of reunification, and nurture parental independence.

James Mission Sports will be a program featuring sports leagues, clinics and camps for youth and young adults.


We will have a emphasis on character building and sportsmanship. Our program will be starting with a youth basketball league that will start in November. Followed up with holiday specific camps.


Lastly we will be creating a mentoring program for the youth in our community.

4122 W. 55th Pl.

Tulsa, OK 74107

PH:  918-895-8733